4/13/12 Bill Ballard ~ Leaving the Old World Behind ~ I’m Going to the Next Level

4/13/12 Bill Ballard ~ Leaving the Old World Behind ~ I’m Going to the Next Level

This Final Battle of Light and Dark has got to shift. I feel that time is now. Continuing the battle the way we have played the game these past years seems fruitless now. So many other Light Warriors as my-self are becoming exceptionally weary of the burdens we have been taking on. Not that our Light grows dim, but that the expose and intensity of all and what we have exposed is simply becoming overwhelming.  And yes, that continued focus does keep the vibrations we wish to achieve in a lower state. I look at the 1000+ messages I have been receiving each day about the details of the planet wide Big Picture and I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Mother Earth feels these dark energies too and cries for the shift. I feel it is time to break ties and get this show in gear. It is time to say goodbye to Old 3D Earth!

For a long time I as so many others have been wielding the Sword of Truth of the Lightwarrior. Archangel Michael gave each of us one to fight the lower vibrational battles with. Yes the intensity of that information I have been given which has been my weapons for waking humanity is far greater than most want to handle. It has been tough for me too and now it is time to lay those weapons down. The fight becomes surrender as duality requires two to play the game. I do not choose Light or Dark but a higher dimensional concept of Unity Consciousness because I do understand why this experiment of duality existed in the first place. We have completed that mission! So I don’t surrender as a loser in this battle of duality but as one who feels we have completed the game! I do wish I would have awakened the whole of the world to what is going on though.

Those now waking, finally opening their eyes may see their world collapsing and all they ever knew to be true exposed as only an illusion. For them reality finally comes into view and I am sure their world is now quite unsettling. How upsetting that must be for many. I feel heavy lower energies as so many around the world finally open their eyes to the truth. And fear is what I feel from so many as they see no hope for the lives they focused on for so long. But these persons don’t yet understand how easy creation can be, how easy it will be to shift this illusion to a far higher reality when they finally come to grips with the truth of the Great Spirit they truly are. There is a death process going on right now, the Dark Night of the Soul.

Even with all going on, it is truly not as bad as it seems, although it does feel bad in a deep way. The fear we feel from so many right now is only a part of the awakening process. Denial is the first stage of awakening and it now seems we have finally passed that stage. Fear is the second stage of awakening. The death of the old world is now upon us as the realization that humpty dumpty will never be put back together again. There will be much  more to come in this expose’ process. That snowball is now rolling downhill gaining size and momentum as it goes!

Much more truth will get exposed these next months. Many people will finally realize they have been paying into a system that is designed to keep them enslaved. The politicians who have been voted into office especially on the higher levels have been raping the system and the persons who put them there. A system that was to take care of everyone was really designed to help only a few, but the majority of people who have paid for that system to work are taxed but not included. The people will finally realize the War on Terror was designed to enslave the planet and take all resources for just a few, the now famed 1%.  The final part of the awakening will come as those newly waking turn against the same system they have supported loyally for so long now. But that MUST happen. Then the 3rd stage of the awakening process will begin, which is the stage of Anger. But that stage will need Light instead of war in order to shift to where we want to go. War and getting even is an old 3D way of doing things. It will NOT be part of New Earth.

Where do we go from here? For many these realizations will begin that “Dark Night of the Soul”. They may feel life and all the work they have done is pointless and has had no meaning. Each and every individual goes through this process as they come to the realization of the illusion we have played all this time. We all turn inside and then wonder, what was it all for, what is life all about? It is at that time the old world they lived in previously must die away to birth their new world, and too the New Earth. But ALL of that comes from inside, as all external IS the ILLUSION! Many of us who have ourselves been through that “Dark Night” are feeling this process in full force now as the masses of people finally know that world we have known for so long will never be again. It is finished. It is collapsing and dying, only to be rebirthed. It is a process. Only with that realization can we finally begin dreaming a new dream and collectively manifest a New Earth birthing it into being! The process IS underway now! What will happen, I certainly don’t know as what I have is only 1 piece to the collective puzzle. All of you have the other pieces. My piece is only a single dream, my dream which will be combined with all others of ascending humanity which will manifest as our New Earth. Here we go!

For years now, I have been focusing on exposing the wizard behind the curtain and all his tricks. I look back and see I was put into so many situations to learn the details of what I have been exposing, as well as the tools to do such a job. The expose’ IS the “Apocalypse” or literally meaning “the unveiling of what truly is”. There have been so many of us working tirelessly for such a long time to make this happen for the world.

Now, as I shift yet again, I feel somewhat out of place as I move on to a different focus. My vibration must go higher. Until now I have held a vibration which attuned me to receiving the info of that I needed to expose. That expose’ part of this process is done now, for me anyway. Rather it shifts now to higher truths that comes as one focuses on ascension. I know for me as well as for Mother Earth it is now time to go as high in vibration as I possibly can! Only by focusing internally can any of us take it to the next level. WE will not change this world by focusing on the exterior illusion as it collapses. When we turn inward and focus on that high vibration, that in turn changes everything in the illusion around us. That quite literally changes our world. That is how we will create New Earth. It will NOT be done for us as no one is coming to do our ascension process for us. That is our own responsiblity.

It is impossible to keep focusing on the old illusion and not be affected by the lower vibrations and negativity. It does not matter how strong you are!  Even with my ability to hold the higher light, remaining focused on the details of the old collapsing 3D illusion as I have is taking its toll. It used to be a game for me, expose and bring it down. Now I feel sick as the negative vibrations continue its increasing while the higher vibrations I hold are amplifying too. The two must separate now as they have become too extreme for my physical being. That is the energetic sickness I now feel. New Earth will not be created by taking any kind of weapon and going to fight trying to save the dying illusion. For anyone who knows the real truth of the illusion, there is no way to save the world as we have known it. A physical revolution is not how New Earth will manifest. New Earth will be made only by the inner Spiritual Revolution each of those choosing ascension will go through. IT is all about energy! So it is time for another way, a way using the higher dimensional abilities which only can be achieved by holding the highest vibrations possible. This is a must for each and every one of us! Although the timing will be different for each of us, now is the time for me to shift!

As we spiral to the center of the 2012 vortex, everyone’s individual dreams or personal timelines will continue combining. We find and combine our own with others of the same or similar vibration merging our individual dreams into one even larger one. That merging as we go forward will continue as more and more align with each other eventually forming a single unified dream or our positive timeline of our New Earth. At zero point, which some say is December 21, 2012 (but I don’t think so, as critical mass must be reached) there will eventually be only 2 possible timelines that each soul must choose to move into. One will be positive and the other negative. Really the choice is only to remain in what is collapsing or move into a higher vibration, or higher dimensional world. It is really that simple. Most of those Melchizedek’s I know (I mean those who have ascended from Earth before but are incarnate here & now to shift the Earth) are now saying the same things… There will be only two timelines to choose from will be at the completion of this cycle or the coming dimensional shift.

The Great Awakening is now under way obviously. We can declare that phase as mission accomplished! It is now time to align ourselves with the timeline of our choice, either continuing the same 3D which the negativity will only grow darker as the light gets lighter or to shift into a 5D experience where everyone lives from their heart center and LOVE. Shifting to living truly from the heart is the first part of ascension for all on that path. Of course I know my direction is 5D and far higher and my full alignment with that focus is the basis of this article.

I feel I am being “ripped apart” as the two opposing energies increase in their intensity. I know it is time for me to shift into the highest vibrations I can reach, activate and anchor (make permanent). I desire to continue my Light body activations, ascension initiations and describe that process as I go. As I climb the ascension mountain I have been able to accomplish levels I have heard few others describing as this has never been or could have been done on Earth before by those coming from the lowest vibrations. The vibrations of Earth were simply too low until now. The levels we can reach now have never been able to be reached while still in the 3-4D Earth, but that has changed now.

Because of that, the expose’ will no longer continue to be my primary focus. The expose’ was only for the waking of others. Waking others was a must in order to activate and empower them. Only together could we shift the collective of humanity. Many persons now are aware and state that it takes a minimum number of awakened activated souls to change the planet. That minimum number to shift the collective of humanity is the square root of 1% of the planetary population, or roughly 8000 persons. That gathering of maximum number of persons for the 2012 40 Day Event feels like the best way to continue this collective ascension process. We need All who will focusing on their vision of New Earth, united as ONE!

This blog will be a description of I am experiencing on my journey. I intend to post messages and the higher understandings I receive as I achieve and attune to ever higher vibrations. When anyone attunes to the higher vibrations they reach various new levels of conscious and understandings. That is a byproduct of the ascension process. For me, I only want to vibrate ever faster. There are various and ever increasing levels of bliss found that only amplifies the higher you go. That IS ascension while in the 3-4D reality! Anyone can do it, but they must be heart centered as I have written about many times before. There are many levels and definitions of ascension but basically it is just being focused from the heart and holding higher vibrations and more light within the energy body and physical being.

So welcome to my new blog. We shall see where this experience will take me and all of us ascending out of this old dying dark and negative world! I am so ready, although I feel I did not wake as many persons as I thought I would these past years. That is past now… Time to move on!

With Unconditional Love for All That IS!

Bill Ballard

Wanted: YOUR Imag~In~ation * YOUR Imag~1~Nation

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Please Join In ~ Please Share ~ Spread this Everywhere!

This IS for ALL of Humanity! The ONENESS!


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