Unity Grid and the New Energies

This is my first video posted on my Youtube channel at pearls2u. I have finally come to the realization, as I am sooo slow… It’s a Mississippi thingy… That it would be far better to send out info in video format than to continue trying to write all the time. Writing simply takes too long, although sometimes it will be better.


So many of us are connected to the Unity Grid and are experiencing the same things I describe here. This will be the first of a series I feel the needs to discuss connecting all the dots for those newly awakened as well as of what I know of all going on…

#1… Here we go!



New Energies and the Unity Grid


One thought on “Unity Grid and the New Energies

  1. Writing may be slow BB, but don’t forget there are those out there that need to read words to fully take in their meaning while others must watch or listen. It is important to address all areas I believe. Blessings to you for your hard work and devotion. Stay in the light beam and let the love come forth…. VK

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