Weather Modifications Producing 4 feet of Hail on 4/11/12‏

 Weather Modifications Producing 4 feet of Hail on 4/11/12‏

4/11/12 showed the HAARP weather modifications in full swing. I happened to photograph this as it unfolded and I will publish here. What we had witnessed and theorized as ULF or Ultra Low Frequencies which would freeze the upper atmosphere seems to be what is actually occurring. These rings were seen centered above Kansas that day and are seen in the photos below.

Michael Janitch aka Dutchsinse also posted this video of the news. Up to 4 feet of Hail fell in this same area these ULF freeze rings were observed in. Tornados in Northern California as well as Puerto Rico… It was a strange day indeed when you add 6 major earthquakes and many of those were possible HAARP man made earthquakes at 10Km deep on top of all the weather.

What a wild ride! Here are some of the photos of the HAARP weather modifications that day. The full series of 60 photos that I took can be seen on facebook here. That was taken from the CONUS satellite weather site.


Bill Ballard







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